- Giuseppe Di Pasqua

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"When the building is a ruin and free of servitude, the spirit emerges telling of the marvel that a building was made. […] When use is spent and it becomes a ruin, the wonder of its beginning appears again. It feels well to have itself entwined in foliage, once more high in spirit and free of servitude."

Louis I. Kahn, 1968

Born in Catania in 1981, Giuseppe Di Pasqua is a licensed architect in Italy with experience in architectural design as well as interior design.
He studied architecture, first in Siracusa and later in Rome, where he graduated in 2010 with a thesis on the requalification of the San Berillo neighbourhood in Catania.
Upon finishing his studies, he was employed by the company MAD Damigella, specialized in marble processing. The two-year work experience at Mad Damigella has deepened his knowledge of natural and artificial materials such as marble, granite, gres porcellanato, Corian. The design and consultancy services cover both indoor and outdoor spaces, whether residential, commercial or social. He also collaborates,  on an ad hoc  basis, with various architects in Catania and Siracusa, whether for architectural projects or participating in architectural competitions.

From January 2013 has been going international experience, working primarily in romand Switzerland, deepening its expertise and confronting a stimulating and creative environment.

He is passionate about his work and takes the utmost consideration to the relevant social and technological changes which may affect architecture.

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