- Giuseppe Di Pasqua

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Bike Shed
ideas competition "101 idee per Catania" - Catania/Italy - 2012

Arch. Giuseppe Di Pasqua + Ing. Daniela Pometti

In Catania more and more citizens, especially in the city center, use their bicycle as a primary means of transportation. The Bike Shed is conceived to meet the needs of garaging the bikes, while protecting them from the weather, thieves and intermodal transport when located in strategic areas. Further, it is designed so as to contain within its structure a bench for public use. An automatic opening system ensures easy use and a video surveillance system ensures protection against theft or vandalism. On the lateral surfaces a slot for backlit billboards and/or vending machines may be positioned, thus contributing for self-financing. PV-generated electricity serves the structure through the location of PV panel on the roof exposed to the north ameliorate ist aesthetis. The structure is divided into modules, whose number may vary according to the space requirements of a specific area and the foreseen number of users. The perforated zinc plate and stainless steel for the bearing structure and for other structural elements ensure ductility, strength and sustainability and make it possible to building the bike shed with shapes other than the one designed.

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