- Giuseppe Di Pasqua

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Project proposal for the design of rural garden - ideas competition, Ragusa/Italy - 2012

Architetti: Giuseppe Di Pasqua + Marco Alì + Daniele Romano

The competition asks designers to propose new solutions for the rearragement of the open space surrounding an 18th century rural building, recently restored to serve as a tourist accomodation. The open space within the "chiusa" - a dry stone fence originally conceived to contain livestock and rural facilities - is to be reinterpreted while keeping unchanged the nature and the spirit of these places typical of the countryside of Ragusa. We propose the creation of three different paths: a pedestrian path/bicycle lane, 3 m width, and an internal pedestrian path, 2 m width, made up of cruched stone of local calcarenites; and, a vehicular path around the perimeter of the rural building, 5 m width, made up compacted ground. The internal paths, bordered by new dry stone walls whit random trajectory, ends up in different spots of great landscape value, while giving the guests a unique sensory experience thanks to the change in colour and species of plants and the succession of different soil types. We suggest to use part pf the soil for tree crops, plants, vegetables and graminaceous, leaving the remaining anused and only plowed. We propose to emphasize the area which used to serve as threshing floor, by planting the grain and locating a Corten plate to explain the treshing process. Further, we propose to build an outdoor swimming-pool within the space delimited by the existing olive trees.

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