- Giuseppe Di Pasqua

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Contest for the requalification of Duilio square in Favignana 2012

Architetti: Giuseppe Di Pasqua + Daniele Romano

The competition notice solicited proposals for the requalification of the waterfront Duilio in Favignana, including the design of a monument to be located at the centre of the square, to commemorate, among others, victims of war.
The idea behind this project is to make the square a liveable and comfortable place for any visitor, whether for a rest or as a meeting place. The monument to be erected in the centre of the square resembles a door and serves as an observation point and to spiritual elevation. Its shape shape recalls that of the square. It is made from Cor-Ten steel, which is known to be corrosion resistant, and is positioned in the centre of an elevated stone base. A number of flowerbed are replaced by two solar powered food and beverage kiosks, located on strategic positions. They are square shaped, with an adequate inclination for the solar panels, which recalls that of the monument and of other facilities located in the square (i.e. recycling bins, benches and night lighting), all coated with Cor-Ten steel.

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